Better Grazing Management

Planning your property’s water system is critical

Creating a water master plan that takes in your current and future carrying capacity is a vital first step. Without that master plan, many stations install their water infrastructure ad hoc, which wastes time, money and water itself.

We work with many properties dealing with the legacy of poorly planned water systems—incorrectly installed pipes, inefficient tank placement and extreme evaporation.

We often see two or three pipelines running on top of the ground to the same area. Or ‘turkey’s nest’: an above-ground dam some stations use to water their cattle. These dams have a huge amount of evaporation and soakage into the soil—up to 40% of the water they’re pumping is being lost. 

The result of this lack of planning is poor grazing management and thousands of dollars wasted every year.

We work with new and existing water systems


  • Infrastructure: fencing, pipelines, bores, tanks, and troughs
  • New design
  • Modification of existing layouts


  • Infrastructure
  • Grazing circle analysis
  • Land type/vegetation
  • Property and infrastructure maps
  • Data analysis
  • Data management


  • System layout
  • Pressure and flow analysis
  • Pipes, pumps and fittings
  • Contour mapping
  • Topographic analysis.


  • Standing pasture estimates
  • Pasture quality/quantity analysis
  • Forage budgeting
  • Pasture improvement


  • Survey and assessment
  • Budgeting
  • Project management
  • Weed control

Our Approach

We encourage our clients to come in and let us do the ground work right from the start.

We look at your carrying capacity in terms of grass and water then design a water system that will maximise utilisation of your land.

Our mapping and design system is tested and proven. And thanks to the longevity of the products we use, our system focusses on better grazing management and a higher carrying capacity into the future, not just what can be achieved today.

We work with you and your requirements to map and design a water system specifically for your property’s pasture capability. Matching products with your property’s pasture capability.

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